May 28, 2021-April 11,2022

The exhibition, produced in-house by the BCHS, celebrates the artistic achievements of Sally Wood (1857-1928) and John Wheeler (1864-1933), two talented turn-of-the-century photographers from Brome County. Featuring original glass plate negatives and prints, Victorian photography equipment, and high-quality exhibition copies of photographs striking by their modernity and beauty, the exhibition invites the viewer to look upon historical photographs in a new light.

“Photographs from the turn of the twentieth century are invaluable pieces of evidence for any historical undertaking but this exhibition seeks to present the photographs of Wood and Wheeler as unrivalled works of art. The entire team at the BCHS has been planning this exhibition for over two years and we cannot wait to welcome people back to the museum where they can discover these amazing works for themselves.”

Wood & Wheeler is accompanied by a 240-page hardcover catalogue designed by Réjean Myette at Atelier Fugazi and published by the BCHS. The Wood & Wheeler catalogue will showcase the history and heritage of Brome County in the best light possible. The catalogue features over 175 high-quality reproductions of original photographs taken by Sally Wood and John Wheeler as well as original essays written by BCHS staff members and outside scholars including Lucie Bureau (independent scholar), Samuel Gaudreau-Lalande (Director-Curator, Colby-Curtis Museum), Julie-Ann Latulippe (independent scholar, curator, and lecturer in art history), and Heather McNabb (reference archivist, McCord Museum).

Exhibition & Curatorial Credits

The Wood & Wheeler exhibition was designed and produced by the Brome County Historical Society. The exhibition was curated by Jeremy Reeves with exhibition installation support provided by Lisa Belanger and Jack Walker. The touchscreen application was developed by Jean-Maxime Couillard with graphic design templates provided by B-367. The graphics were printed by Multi-Impressions RM and ProSeri. All framing was done by Encadrement Sutton.

Financial & In-kind Partners

If the Wood & Wheeler exhibition and catalogue beautifully showcase Brome County’s rich history, it is only thanks to the incredible generosity of our donors and sponsors. Without their support, this project would not have been possible.
The Brome County Historical Society extends its profound thanks to Quebec’s Ministry of Culture and Communications, the Town of Brome Lake, the S.M. Blair Family Foundation, the Zeller Foundation, the Bélanger-Gardner Foundation, the R. Howard Webster Foundation, and the Townshippers’ Research and Cultural Foundation.