Adopt an Artifact

Help protect and preserve the history and heritage of Brome County by “adopting” one of our treasured artifacts!

About the program

The Brome County Historical Society (BCHS) preserves an extensive collection of artifacts and archival materials. Among the thousands of objects in the museum collections are costumes, ceramics, furniture, tools, early electronics, military artifacts, works of art, and much more. The archival collection consists of thousands of photographs, journals, scrapbooks, documents, and books. Together, these irreplaceable objects tell the story of Brome County from its earliest days.

The BCHS Adopt an Artifact program enables individuals, schools, organizations, community groups, and businesses to select and sponsor artifacts from the collections for a year. Through adopting one of our incredible objects, your tax-deductable contribution helps ensure that the BCHS can continue to protect and preserve the heritage and history of Brome County for future generations.


Why Adopt?

When you adopt a BCHS artifact, your contribution entitles you or your gift recipient to the following benefits:

  • Certificate of adoption

  • Photograph and description of your artifact, along with a brief history and details of its significance

  • A plaque displayed next to your artifact acknowledging your contribution, as well as recognition on our website


Adopting an artifact also makes a wonderful and unique gift for a friend or family member!

Want to adopt? You can adopt an artifact online below or by contacting the BCHS at or calling 450-243-6782.