Letter 21

Letter 21: March 26, 1941


Dear Mother,

Well I’m still alive but my head is going around in circles so fast that I’m not sure just what is happening.

We’ve just finished a morning work with times, angles, days, seconds, etc., until we’re not even sure what day it is here or what time it is, we even wonder sometimes whether it’s a.m. or p.m., day or night. As far as we’re concerned it’s a good thing this course isn’t any longer or we’d all be candidates for the nut-house and no mistake.

When we’re flying we’re so darned busy we don’t even have time to draw a quiet breath. Between radio bearings, Astral bearings, Compass bearings, sights to get our drift, taking sun or star sights to get astral bearings and then working the things out, we haven’t very much time to worry about where we are. So far I’ve been lucky, I’ve been the navigator on two out of three day flights and have managed to get where I was going and come back to Rivers O.K. Compared to Regina this is a darned small spot on the map to hit, when you’re setting your course from about 225 miles away. Yesterday I was keeping my fingers crossed a lot of the way, since we couldn’t see the ground and were depending on the radio bearings & sun bearings; as it was we came out of the clouds to find Rivers about 3 miles off to port – the first sight of ground for three hours.

As far as I can see now I hope to land in Montreal on Monday April 15th on the Continental Limited (C.N.R.). If that is the case Phyl and I will be married on Tuesday or Wednesday.

I wrote Auntie Belle but so far have heard nothing at all from her. If you hear from her let me know what she says.

How is Audrey liking the big city of Magog? I can easily imagine that you will both have sore jaws – natural causes of course.

We’ve had fairly warm weather here consequently everything is a musky sloppy mess – and I do mean sloppy – we just about drown around the place getting from one place on the station to another.

Must close now and get ready to back over for lectures. Give my best to Audrey.

Much love,


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