Letter 9

Letter 9: December 31, 1940


Dear Mother,

I suppose that by now it is almost Jan 1st 1941, in Magog, since you are three hours ahead of us.

They pulled a dirty one on us to-day. At 2.30 this afternoon F/O Broughton walked into the room and put a Maths exam on the board, then calmly turned around and informed us that it was our final. We nearly passed out of the picture completely, here we had all be studying like blazes for two other tests this week one in Reconnaissance that will be a brute, and one in Photography that won’t be much easier. We had a navigation Plotting Test yesterday, and didn’t expect the Maths until next week. I guess I passed O.K. but not very darned much to spare. It was tough enough, especially since it was all graphs and Integral Calculus both plenty hard.

How did Santa treat you Christmas. I trust you had everything you asked him for, left on the tree or in your stocking.

The measles is still travelling along at a fair clip. We have half a dozen or so in the hospital with it. Even the C.O. is quarantined with it – ain’t that somep’n.

Flying has had to be washed out the last 3 days due to the weather man, so I hope it soon clears up as we are getting badly behind in our flying time. We’re scheduled to fly Friday, Saturday and Sunday & I hope those flights won’t be washed out. There are two night flights in that lot, as well as two day flights, and we need them very badly. Just at present everything points to a blizzard to-night. All planes out here have been grounded for two or three days, including T.C.A.

This is a very quiet place to-night, as you can imagine, with all the boys out celebrating the New Year. My what a lot of big heads there will be around here when the morning rolls around.

I got a letter written to Barb to-night. I hope she liked her bracelet, it seemed to me to be the only thing I could see that she might like. I tried to get her a good one and it should last her quite a long time.

I must close now and join a couple of lads in a feast. We’ll probably all have nightmares or worse because of it.

The best of New Year wishes for now and the whole of ’41.

Heaps of Love,


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