Letter 7

Letter 7: December 18, 1940


Dear Mother,

The invalid (?) progresses famously. He is due to leave the sacred precincts of this ‘joint’ tomorrow morning at 11 a.m. M.S.T. Will I ever be glad to be back out at #3 A.O.S. Nothing would suit me better than to out there right now.

Of course I was well over the worst of the measles when I landed in here and consequently have been none too pleased at having to stay in this dump.

The food here after living out at #3 A.O.S. is lousy, and that is a rank understatement.. It is no where near as good as the food we got at #1 I.T.S. in Toronto. I wish you could taste the pies they give us out at the school, they certainly should take a prize anywhere, even at Brome Fair with you and Mrs. Robb as the judges.

Just by the way, did Phyl remind you that Regina is in Saskatchewan and not in Alberta. You must have been thinking of something else, when you addressed that letter.

We get twenty four hours on Xmas and that is all. I’m writing Aunt Helen & Uncle Willy to let them know that I’ll be stuck here and won’t be able to go out there for the holiday.

When we finish here we go to a Bombing and Gunnery School for six weeks then to the Astral Navigation School at Rivers, Man. for four weeks, then we’re finished observers – they hope. If we’re extremely lucky we may be sent to Jarvis, Ont not far from Hamilton for our Bombing & Gunnery. Otherwise we got to Mossbank forty miles from here, or to Patricia Bay on Vancouver Island, about as far west as you can go and still keep your feet dry.

If I can get out Saturday I hope to get my shopping done then, but I may be on Duty Watch this week, if so I’ll have to try to get in early enough next week to do it.

All for this time will write again as soon as I can.

Heaps of love,


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