Letter 6

Letter 6: December 10, 1940


Dear Mother,

Well everything still proceeds in the same old fashion. Although I’m not any fonder of having to take my bed apart every morning and then make it up again every night.

I’m forwarding two copies of the Leader-Post, each with an article on the school – one the opening, the other the school. By the way did you hear the London broadcast the other night. The announcer said “The observers are the brains & eyes of the R.A.F.” What I wonder at is that they haven’t had softening of the brain or some such ailment. This course is without doubt the stiffest thing I ever ran in by about 1000%, and I think even that is an understatement.

The new flight that came in yesterday are wandering around holding their heads and moaning very loudly. One lad applied for a transfer to Wireless air gunner, he told them he could never make the grade and was just wasting his time. I don’t know how he’ll come out but I’m afraid he’ll get a ‘short’ gunner’s course & be sent over right away.

I’m also enclosing a picture or two for your edification. Let me know how you like them, as well as the others I sent out. By the way did you get that Flight picture I sent you? You didn’t mention it so I began to wonder whether you had ever got it or not.

I had a letter from Aunt Grace the other day. She gave me a very full and vivid description of Frankie’s behaviour at Olive’s funeral.

To-morrow we have two hours of Signals, so by to-morrow night I’ll be seeing dots and dashes everywhere I look and hear them every time I close my eyes. The Morse on the buzzer isn’t too bad, but after about half an hour of the Aldis Lamp all you can see is one long dash.

I’ll try to get down town to get presents for you & Phyl & Ev. & something for Barb but would appreciate very much if you could locate the others for me, as Saturday night is the only time we can get into town before the stores close, as other nights we don’t get out until 6 & the stores close at 6.

So far the weather lately has been putrid. Our last two flights have been washed out and when B flight went out yesterday it closed down so tight that the ceiling was zero and the planes began to ice up badly. Some of them had quite a time finding the airport again. We’re hoping hard that it will clear up soon or we’re going to be a long way behind in our flying.

It looks as though we get 24 hrs at either Christmas or New Years but no more, although that’s not definite yet.

All for to-night,



P.S. If the papers don’t arrive while Phyl is there would you please forward them to her.

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