Letter 5

Letter 5: December 1, 1940


Dear Mother,

This west certainly isn’t all its cracked up to be. We’ve had terrible weather for flying and as a result are going to have to fly Sunday week-ends and every other day possible.

There’s no telling how long we’ll get at Xmas but if we get long enough I’ll come at least to Montreal if I can raise the necessary dough and I’m sure that can be done.

If you get a chance would you please send me a list of people for whom I should get gifts at Xmas. Also, as usual, would you purchase what you can for me and send me the bill for it. Incidentally most things out here are as expensive as the devil. The prices are far higher than they are in the east.

They took the pup up yesterday and he had a swell time until they go up where it was good and cold, then he crawled under the emergency engine covers and stayed there until they got back down. I guess he nearly froze stiff. His name is ‘Drip’, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out where he got it either.

George Richard and I got stand ins Friday night and went down town to see a show and do some shopping. I got cash and invested in a cigarette lighter. I got sick of running out of matches all the time, so when I spotted these Ronsons on sale I grabbed one.

If I only get 48 hours at Xmas or New Years I shall go to Calgary but if they come through with six or eight days I’ll be Montreal bound at once. The air service is reliable enough but to d– expensive $170.10 round trip. If they would give us one way fare it would only be about $90 but evidently that doesn’t apply to Trans Canada Air Lines.

The air mail certainly gives good service. I get your letters the next noon after they are mailed. Your last letter was postmarked 3p.m. the 29th and I got it at noon on the 30th. Not bad eh?

I wrote Aunt Helen last night and explained the situation to her. I think Uncle Willy saw a splendid opportunity to get you to come out and stay for a while.

I received my identification bracelet from Ev. last mail. It is a beauty, heavy as anything, sterling silver. It certainly is a beauty.

Must close now and get some of my many other letters written.

Heaps of love,


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