Letter 43

Letter 43: October 19, 1941


Oct. 19, 1941

Dear Mother,

First many thanks for the parcel, which as you probably realize from this paper, arrived all O.K. the other day, together with another 300 cigs each from you and Phyl. They were all very welcome indeed and very much appreciated.

Curiously enough your letter about Keith’s father and asking if I knew McNally, arrived the day after Bill McNally came to this squadron. I knew him at Regina, where both he and Keith were in the course immediately after ours. They were married the same day in Regina.

So far we’ve been getting along quite O.K. The last trip we did some Jerry took a dislike to the shape of our rudder and modified it considerably, with an ack-ack shell. He lifted about half of it, and made one elevator look like a bad case of measles with a lot of little holes in it, but did no serious damage at all to the kite, beyond scaring the gunner and myself skinny. The pilot didn’t even know it had happened.

The last few days have been very bad, with rain, fog and then very high winds. It has been very raw and damp but we’ve been quite comfortable as they’ve had the furnaces going as well as the fire places. Thank goodness we have central heating here, otherwise I’m absolutely certain that I should freeze stiff this winter and never thaw out again as long as I live.

So you’ve been playing around on inquest eh? I should have liked to see the expression on your face when you fell into the whole in the dark and had to be helped out. I can imagine that Aileen was in a flutter alright. Just the same that is a very bad crossing especially since you can’t see a train across it at night.

Your first was right it would be the D.F.C. only the colours are purple and white(or silver). They’re probably earned their rest in Canada too, and I can imagine just how much they appreciate it too, I would definitely appreciate some good Canadian cooking right now.

I will probably have to cut this short as ‘briefing’ is to take place shortly, since we had a few parcels to deliver to Adolf with our compliments, I shall also take your compliments along and deliver them with equal enthusiasm and no extra charge.

Must close now and see that I have all the many things I should have with me. Give my love to the family and tell Bev to be good.

Very much love,



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