Letter 38


Letter 38: August 31, 1941

31/8/41P/O H.H. Pibus,
(Can) J5086,
Attached R.A.F.,
R.C.A.F. Overseas.

Dear Mother,
A few lines tonight before I crawl into bed to get my beauty sleep for early rising to-morrow. It’s not too bad, only 6a.m. as we don’t have to be ready to fly until 7:30.
I don’t know what’s going to happen, we’ve had two beautiful days in a row, after about 6 straight weeks of rain at some time or other during the day.
We had a couple of short trips to-day, but it has been a pretty easy day all told. We took a jaunt up to the heights to-day with oxygen to see how it would affect us if at all, and then did one other short trip.
My other uniform has arrived at last so I can now give this one an occasional rest. It has certainly earned one and no mistake. The new one seems quite satisfactory – it was €10-5-5. Not too bad eh?
It shouldn’t be long now before we are posted to our squadron for operational duty. Probably by the time you receive this letter we shall be ‘on ops’ as the saying goes.
We hope to get a few days leave when were posted from here but we aren’t first sure how it’s going to work out as yet. If I get long enough I shall take a run over to Belfast for a day or two, but otherwise I think it will have to be London.
We’ve had our first bad luck Keith Bowen, one of our gang, and his crew are ‘missing’. They failed to return from a practice flights few days ago. No one knows what happened or anything else they’re just ‘missing’, probably went into the ‘duck’ somehow. Keith was one of the finest lads you could ever hope to meet, and it hit us all pretty hard.
Received 300 cigs from Phyl this week and they were most welcome as the boys had had a very hard time getting any at all. I’ve been trying to keep them going without running myself short as I like to keep well stocked ahead, since there are big gaps in the arrival of parcels from Canada.
John McCaul has been looking for his trunk to arrive for over a month. To-day he found it had been in a storeroom in the officer’s mess for weeks. Since July 31st to the exact. My he was pleased about that. They had forgotten to tell him that it was there.
I must close now and lie myself to bed to be sure to be awake when I start out in the morning.
Very much love,
Tell Bev I’ll answer her letters very shortly.


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