Letter 37


Letter 37: August 25, 1941


P/O H.H. Pibus,

(Can) J5086,

Attached R.A.F.

R.C.A.F. Overseas.

August 25, 1941

Dear Mother,

Very many thanks for the cigs, I received two parcels of them the other day and they were more than welcome, as I had run out a few days before, and was badly in need of a fresh supply.

We are becoming thoroughly disgusted with this climate. It has rained at some time or other during the day light hours for the last 41 days. At present we are ‘standing by’ in the mess waiting for it to [part cut out] for us to be [part cut out]. Just at present it is raining very hard (as usual) and not showing any signs of breaking, for the present at any rate.

We’re approaching the end of our training and will shortly be posted to our squadrons for operations against the Hun.

They keep us at it pretty steadily every day all day – or as near that as the weather will permit. Our rising hour varies from 5.15 a.m. to 6.30 a.m., and our bed time, as soon as we can roll in after supper. As far as I’m concerned I find great difficulty in staying awake much after 9 p.m. and usually crawl in as soon as I can.

When we finish here we hope to be able to get a few days leave. If its long enough I shall travel to Belfast but if its only a short one, London will be the extent of my travels for the present. It will also depend to a great extent on the elastic qualities of my purse.

We are now being paid regularly again and are much happier about the whole thing. It was a bit binding for a time but is pretty well O.K. now.

I have a new uniform due almost any day now and then I shall be pretty well fully equipped for a while at least, thank goodness.

We had green onions last night at supper – need I say more.

I’m glad to hear that you have once more been ‘adopted’, and I know perfectly well that you yourself are very pleased about it too. If he wasn’t a fool when you got him he is by now.

Robert should be back in Canada by now as he left a long time ago. I didn’t get to see him and my last two letters come back because he had been sent home.

I must close now and get this mailed. Give my love to the family.

Very Much Love,



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