Letter 36


Letter 36: August 13, 1941

13/8/41P/O H.H. Pibus,
(Can) J5086,
Attached R.A.F.,
R.C.A.F. Overseas.

Dear Mother,
Another few lines to-night before I retire to my little bed for my beauty sleep, much needed no doubt. I’ve just crawled out of a very hot bath and am squatting on my bed writing at the moment.
Everything goes along very much as usual, including the rain, in fact this morning was abominable in every sense, and we were thoroughly dampened. We did have two fine days in a row, believe it or not, but that’s been all for sometime, and when it rains it sure means it.
We had another alarm last night, and some bombs were dropped not far from here, making a mess of the ground but no other damage. I heard the “all clear” but that was all, and it came a long time after the ‘Alert’ and the bombs. A lot of the lads heard all three but I was too busy sleeping, and missed it.
If we can get a bit of leave at the end of this course, John, Fred and I are going to Belfast. We need to have six or seven days to do it, but we’re hoping very hard, at present.
You should see the rabbits around this station, hundreds of them. I hope ‘Jerry’ keeps his bombs away or we’ll all be having rabbit pie for months. He could hardly miss polishing a goodly number no matter where the bombs hit, and I’m no great lover of ‘rabbit pie’.
Our boys have certainly been giving them plenty to think about lately and they’re certainly hitting what they aim at. One had listened to people saying how hard some of the cities here have been hit, his only remark was ‘you ought to see Hambourg’. He had been a reporter there and according to him it’s a frightful mess.
You might make inquiries about registering any cigs you send etc. There’s no doubt some are sunk, but I regret very much to say that there is also no doubt that there are some very light-fingered people handling the mails.
So far I have received 300 from you and 100 from Ev and no more. Yours were mailed June 20th I believe and Ev’s last month. I know Phyl has been sending them regularly, but they aren’t getting through, and are very hard to get here at all.
I must close now and get to sleep as I have to rise early in the morning, as usual, and it’s getting rather late.
Very much love,

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