Letter 34

Letter 34: July 30, 1941



P/O H.H. Pibus,

(Can) J5086,

Attached R.A.F.

R.C.A.F. Overseas.

Dear Mother,

Another few lines to let you know that I’m still progressing favourably. The last couple of days I’ve been indisposed (and very busy) due to “something I ‘et no doubt”, but am now back in something like normal condition again. It was uncomfortable while it lasted, including the castor oil I had to take. Thank goodness I don’t mind the taste of the stuff.

I received a parcel from Ev yesterday and a letter from Les McCaig, except for one letter from Phyl that has been the extent of my mail since we sailed last May. We’re beginning to think that there’s something decidedly [part cut out] as there is a great deal more mail that we should have had. All we’ve received has been mailed this month.

As usual Ev’s parcel arrived at the most opportune moment, as I had been put on liquids for a day, and it contained fruit juices & tomato juice. She must be psychic or something of the sort, because every time she sends me a parcel of any kind, it arrives at the exact time its most needed.

Our pilots are certainly tops, they’ve turned out to be crack boys at the job. We start flying with them week after next, and are certainly lucky in the ones we got. They’re all Aussies but two, and the two are poorest pilots of the lot. Mine is a red-headed Aussie with a swell record and a reputation for being careful – which pleases me to no end. There’s no sense in piling up the odds by a lot of d-fool flying. I managed to get a letter off to Hugh the other day, which I hope he’ll be pleased to receive. Its rather hard writing as there is so much we’re not allowed to say.

I’m enclosing a folder re addressing mail to us. The place address is Bicester, Oxon. but as it will only hold good for another few weeks the other address is better. You can pass this on to Phyl and Ev after having glanced at it yourself. It has been hard for us to get the correct address to reach us quickest. Of course cables etc. can be sent to the station address as they travel rather more quickly than letters.

We have another week of ground instruction coming up then several weeks on the [part cut out] before we are sent to our squadron for operational duties against Hitler’s tribe. If I had your rolling pin I might find an opportunity to heave it overboard as somebody although I couldn’t guarantee the victim.

Must close now and get dressed so the lad can make this bed. Very much love,



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