Letter 32

Letter 32: July 12, 1941



P/O H.H. Pibus,



C/O/ Base Post Office, England

Dear Mother,

Well here we are settled down at our new school for the next few weeks for intensive training before going on to operations. John McCaul Fred Brown and I am the only ones of our gang here the rest of the class are from other courses.

It is really a fine station and we have about everything you could wish for. We live in the officers mess which is a huge building with grand rooms etc. Of course most of us will be spoiled as a hatman brings a cup a tea when he calls you in the morning, draws your bath and polishes your buttons and shoes for you while you wash and shave.

I had 3 days in London this week and looked it over again pretty well. Also had brunch with Dr. Derrick Thursday noon. He wanted all the news he could get of the people out there. His windows have had to be replaced several times but luckily little other damage was done to his office.

I’m trying to get in touch with Robert and am hoping to hear from him very soon. I haven’t any idea where he is, but if possible we’ll get together sometime in the near future.

It has been frightfully hot and sticky for two weeks now so that you are never really dry for two consecutive minutes. At present it is very warm and foggy – not pleasant at all.

I’m hoping to have some mail sometime in the near future as to date I’ve had nothing and its nearly 2 months since we left Canada.

Our cigarettes are rationed here – 40 per week if possible-, they aren’t the kind I like, although I guess we’re lucky to be able to get any at all. At present I still have some of my original Canadian supply left.

Yesterday I spend about an hour with the dentist. He filled one and extracted a wisdom tooth that had started to go. It was doing no work as the teeth below had pushed ahead to fill a gap left by one Benson remould.

This will have to be all for the present as I am going to try and get up to date with my letters today. Excuse the lack of personal news but we have to be so darned careful that it really leaves us little to say.

Very much love to all,


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