Letter 31

Letter 31: June 15, 1941



P/O H.H. Pibus,


Dear Mother,

Once more on the way across the big pond, but this trip is a lot different than the last one and I don’t mean maybe.

It has been just as smooth as possible all the way, a couple of days with a night swell to relieve the monotony – also a few stomachs – otherwise nothing of particular interest.

We’ve certainly had a grand trip so far and have been wonderfully looked after – no kicks at all in that respect – although it’s a wonder if there’s any food left on the ship.

I had hoped to be able to get across to St. John for a weekend, but unfortunately they sent me off too soon, for me to be able to wangle the necessary time off.

Give my love to Hugh, Eileen & the family, & tell Barb I’m looking for a letter.

Much Love,


This address is better than the one at the beginning. The name & number are the same though.


C/O DP#1

Air Ministry

Astral House,

London, Eng.


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