Letter 30

Letter 30: May 29, 1941


Dear Mother,

Well strange as it may seem it is pouring again today. We had two fine days in a row and it is certainly doing its level best to make up for it now, and it looks like [its] succeeding.

There will be a big gap between this letter and the next one due to the force of circumstances. At any rate I shall write again as soon as I possibly can.

The I.O.D.E. gave a dance for the officers of the station night before last, and the C.O. suggested that we should attend. A suggestion like that is the practical equivalent of an order, so we were all out in force, as a matter of policy. In any case the refreshments were excellent – with lots of good chocolate cake, lobster sandwiches, coffee, etc. to which you may be sure I did justice.

Both Auntie and Ameillia were delighted with the pins. Those two red stones certainly caught Auntie’s eye in short order.

I went down to Eaton’s yesterday afternoon and got a raincoat and a trunk ($50 all told). The trunk had to be one with hangers and drawers etc., as I have to live out of it from now on, using it as bureau cupboard and everything else, it was $20 complete w[ith] intials and number.

My overseas address will be R.C.A.F. Overseas, c/o Base Post Office, Ottawa, Canada.

Must close now as I only have a few minutes. Give my love to the family.

Very Much Love, Bus

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