Letter 3

Letter 3: November 20, 1940


Dear Mother,

Well we’re over half way through our second week and I’m still surviving, but it is some strain. I find now that instead of 7 courses we have 12 – not such a pleasant discovery.

We fly Friday morning on our first air exercise and get our second on Saturday morning. I’m hoping hard that it won’t be to darned cold upstairs. The first two flights won’t be too bad as they are more to give us a chance to see what things look like from the air. The trips after that we will be far too busy to see any of the scenery at all. You have to work like the devil all the time you’re up.

Ask Hugh and Aileen if they ever heard of a Grant Bell who married a Stowe girl from Cowansville? I believe he is from East Farnham. I was introduced to this lady at the Quebec Association banquet last night. She said “you’re not “Pip” Pibus’ brother by any chance, are you?” She drove five of us back to the school afterwards and I have an invitation there for a meal & evening in the near future.

I nearly dropped when Mike Emory walked in the door last night. He’s at #2 I.L.S. here in Regina, as is Russel Blackwood. Dave Woodley is still at the Manning Depot in Brandon.

I’m enclosing a snap of myself taken out here. I’ll send another one along later it’s better than this one but I’m negotiating for some Xmas cards with it on, just at present. I’m also sending along a picture of ‘D’ Flight, #1 I.L.S. It will be a bit behind this letter but will arrive eventually. In the flight picture the lad on my left is Jack MacDonald – he went to Calgary as a gunner. The short officer is “Spike” Jackson our Flight Commander, the tall one Wing Commander O’Brian the C.O. The sergeant is, of course, Lockhart. The two lads in the other picture are Lyle Schell & George Richard. They are two of the five other lads that I pal around. George is half French from Quebec City & as funny as can be. Lyle is from Williamsburg, Ont. & is a whale of a fine lad. They were both at St. Hubert when I was. Both have their mouths full of chocolate bar.

I had a letter from Uncle Willy inviting me to drop in on them any time. Just to walk in without warning, that they would be tickled to death to have me, so if I can ever get a long enough leave I shall do that very thing. Think over my suggestion for Xmas.

I got a card of to Bev. for her birthday – at least I think it’s due the 25th. I mailed it when I got it for fear I’d forget it.

Must close now and write Phyl to-night,

Heaps of love,


N.B. The key!

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