Letter 29

Letter 29: May 21, 1941

P/o H.H. Pibus,
(Can) J5086,
#I “M” Depot,
Halifax, N.S.

Dear Mother,
Believe it or not the sun has actually been shining to-day – and all day at that. It is our see and glimpse of the sun since we landed here.
Well I’m all decked out as an officer in the R.C.A.F. now. I went down to Eaton’s and had a grand time going from department to department and saying ‘charge it’. The uniform and great coat came to $110. Shirts $18, shoes $6, hats $16.50, socks $6, ties $2, gloves $2, of this amount the gov’t provides $150 and I cough up the rest. When I get over to the other side I have to purchase another uniform and a trench coat about $85 more and I’ll be pretty well completely outfitted. The bill is sent in to the R.C.A.F. and I pay the diff. between the $150 and the amount of the bill.
This is certainly a dirty city and it’s all either straight up or straight down – the exact opposite of the eastern country.
We have practically nothing to do and time hangs pretty heavy on our hands some of the time. To date I’ve looked over the city and Dartmouth pretty thoroughly and seen a lot – 99.9% of which is to be seen but not mentioned in any way.
A few days of good weather would be swell and we could enjoy ourselves looking over the countryside etc. however it will most likely be drizzling again to-morrow.
I expect to be here quite a long time, as the officers go out very slowly whereas the sergeants don’t stay here very long.
Halifax is much like St. John in very many ways. The streets are very narrow, the traffic moves in the same haphazard way and vast numbers of the houses and buildings are wooden and as old as the hills, dirty and soot covered.
I saw Auntie Arvilla, Belle, Erroll, Miriam and Hum in Moncton on the way down here. Auntie is just as tickled, or rather more tickled with the drive than anything else.
Must close now and get ready to go to the Y.M.C.A. show in the canteen to-night.
Much love,


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