Letter 28

Letter 28: May 12, 1941


P/o H.H. Pibus,
(Can) J5086,
#I “M” Depot,
Halifax, N.S.

Dear Mother,
Well your son is now a Pilot-Officer in the R.C.A.F. My commission was waiting for me when I arrived here, Weds. night, so instead of the 3 “hooks” and the eagles on the shoulder of my uniform, I have a thin blue hand on the cuff. You will also note that my number is now (J5086). The commission dates from 26-4-41, so that in addition, I have about 10 days back pay owed me, as well as my P/O’s buy for 12 days in May, somewhere near $90 all together. I hope the[y] come with it sometime soon, as I’m going to need it. I shall go down town some day this week and spend $150 of the gov’t’s money on a uniform and some accessories. The uniform itself is only $51.00, to say nothing of the great cost, shirts, shoes, etc. (Incidentally my socks will be black from now on!)
Yan should see this station, mud and muck up to your ears; if you fall off the duckboards it’s just too bad for you, you’re likely to drown in soft, soupy muck before you can be pulled out. It has poured in torrents ever since we’ve been here, but to-night it seems to be breaking a hit thank goodness.
I must close now before I fall asleep and get ink over everything.
Heaps of love,


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