Letter 27

Letter 27: May 1, 1941



Dear Mother,

Here we are very comfortably settled for the time being awaiting posting to operational training units before being sent to squadron.

The weather here has been glorious although more than a little warm and it is really a beautiful spot in every way. All the gardens are in bloom and everywhere there are masses of flowers of all sorts.

We are living in a requisitioned hotel and really enjoying ourselves very much. At any rate our quarters are certainly very comfortable and much better than we had expected to find.

I have set enquiries afoot to locate Robert, but as I don’t know his unit or his number it is likely to prove a bit difficult to locate him right away.

Everything seems to be much the same here (in this spot) as it was before the war. Of course the rationing is quite strict, cigarettes being practically unobtainable and some other things a little short but on the whole it is much better than we expected.

We did see a few spots on our way down here where Jerry has dropped his bombs but only a few spots. If his aim is consistently as bad as the dozen or so examples we saw the military targets are much the safest place to be during a raid. [Part cut out]

So far the only aircraft we have seen have been our own, although the other night we heard the ‘jerries’ coming over – very few of them though.

I’m hoping to be able to get up to London some time for a day or two anyway, but, just at present the chances look pretty slim.

I must close now and drop Evelyn a line. Will write again very soon.

Very Much Love,



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