Letter 26

Letter 26: April 18, 1941



Dear Mother,

Still the same old story, stuck in Rivers indefinitely, and grounded most of the time because of the weather. I wish to heaven we could get our time in and get away.

Nothing to do all the time except play pool, bridge, crib, read, etc. It gets on your nerves terribly, hanging around all the time waiting for decent flying weather. I’ve had one fly in two weeks. The other bunch tried it tonight but were forced back by ice and a ceiling that was coming down lower with every minute.

The weather map for today is about the most dyspectic looking thing I ever saw or ever hope to see as long as I live, and it doesn’t look any too good for the immediate future either. There are fronts all around and they seem too long not moving east, away from us very fast.

I got a note off to Auntie Belle immediately I found we were to be held over. I’ll wire you when we leave, but it won’t be before the first of the week at the earliest. I expect about Wednesday if all goes well. We have to report again May 5th at our embarkation depot down east. By the way that is for your information, no one else’s.

Its clearing now & if all goes well we should get up tomorrow night. Pray hard for fine weather we need it very badly.

Must close now before I fall asleep & get ink all over everything.

Much Love to all,


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