Letter 25

Letter 25: April 10, 1941



Dear Mother,

This may be the dust bowl of Canada but it sure is the rainiest, muddiest dust bowl that I ever saw. The ceiling is still down to the ground and the rain is still pouring down. We’re scheduled to fly again tonight, but from the looks of the weather we’ll have another night of uninterrupted sleep.

Well the exams are all over now. We wrote Advanced Navigation Plotting last – yesterday afternoon to be exact. The Advanced Navigation Theory paper on Tuesday was a brute and I’m afraid it took a good many of us for quite an uncomfortable ride. The one yesterday wasn’t too bad, but it was one in which it was darned easy to make a very slight slip and throw everything out a mile.

Don’t be surprised at anything you may find written in this letter, I’m not responsible. I’m writing in the class room and the West is taking a bad going over, down at the back of the room, and their voices aren’t merely stage whispers nor is their vocabulary at all restricted.

Last night Mickey and I sat over in the sergeant’s mess and played cribbage from about 8.30 until eleven or so. Tonight it looks like the show for us. Its “Philadelphia Story” and should be quite good.

From now on until we leave here there will be very little for us to do, since the course has been covered and the exams written. That’s going to make it darned tough for us just like killing time all day and having to stay out here.

It looks as though we wouldn’t get away before the end of next week at the earliest – so that sort of postpones things automatically.

Give my love to everybody and I hope the weather’s better there that it is here.

Much Love,


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