Letter 24

Letter 24: April 7, 1941


Dear Mother,

This is going to be very short as I have to study for my exam in the morning – Advanced Navigation Theory. I may be O.K. but it is an exam that you can make a mess of so very very easily.

We’re still grounded due to the weather consequently our date of departure has been put back until Easter Monday at the earliest. We have to get our flying time in regardless how long it takes us to get it done. The ceiling has been right down to the ground for days now, and shows no sign of lifting in the near future.

I’ll try to get word to you this week, as to when I’ll land in Montreal, but at present its all darned indefinite.

I’m enclosing a clipping from the Winnipeg Free Press, will you hang onto it please. Phyl will be forwarding a couple of others to you, that I clipped out the other day.

You tell Barb that I shall see that she gets a picture when I arrive home on leave. It takes too long to get them back if I send them out to have prints made out here.

I must scram back to work now if I want to get that exam tomorrow.

Much Love,


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