Letter 23

Letter 23: April 3, 1941


Dear Mother,

Well, Old Sol is out again for a change. I hope it stays clear for the next week, so that we can get our flying time in, and not be held over to make it up. If we can get a few days good flying weather we may be able to get in two flights a night and get it cleaned up that way.

We were up yesterday but it was rough as blazes and cold. We ran into icing and eventually had to come back to Rivers. I think we were out long enough to finish off our day-flying so that all we have left is the night.

I can imagine that Barb and Hugh were very decidedly in Dutch. I’m very surprised though that it took Barb so long to figure out what was wrong. She must be slipping, she’s usually quicker than that on the uptake.

I managed finally to get a line scratched to Liz. It took me some time to get around to it but I did finally manage it.

We get our exams here, next week – around Tuesday or Wednesday I believe. There are only two to be written, one in plotting and one on Theory of Navigation. The Theory is a three hour paper but the other usually runs about five or six hours, if you get it finished. We should be able to get buy all right, but its so confoundedly easy to make a slip of ten seconds or so and that can make your answer look pretty sick. Then too, in using our Astronavigation Lables it is extremely simple to get into the wrong column or line and that really does make a mess of things in no uncertain way.

The maths is pretty well straightforward stuff 99% addition and subtraction, but when 2-1=2 etc., it doesn’t help out very much.

Taking sights yesterday was tough, every bump made the bubble in the sextant jump so that your readings weren’t so hot.

Well its getting time to go back to classes for the afternoon so I’ll have to quit for now. Give Hugh & Barb my sympathy – although they’re probably all over needing it.

Much Love,


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