Letter 22

Letter 22: March 30, 1941



Dear Mother,

Still alive and kicking and enjoying life. This is a swell station, in practically every respect. They work us hard, of course, but they contrive to break it up so that it isn’t too bad. Actually our hours are longer than on most stations, since we have to take star shots at all hours of the night, but we don’t mind it so much with the breaks we get.

If I do get a commission it won’t be until I report to the embarkation depot, at least I don’t think so.

I’m enclosing a picture of Sergeant Observer Pibus taken at Fingal the day of the “Wings Parade”. Outside the white ‘flash’ in the hat, it is as it should be.

I forgot that Monday was Easter Monday so I guess Phyl and I will be married on Wednesday. There are quite a few things I have to do on Tuesday before we are married.

I hope to land in Montreal about 8.45 a.m. E.S.T. via C.N.R. if the Continental Limited is on time and we aren’t held up at this end.

So far our flying time is O.K. and I have 15 hrs 15 min out of the required thirty, five more flights will do it, if the weather holds.

I had a letter from Auntie Bell yesterday and she will be up, even if the family have to look after themselves, which some pleases me immensely as I wanted very much to have her here. I’m writing her again tonight.

I’m glad Audrey enjoyed her trip. It would do her the world of good, and a change from the U-S. would do her good, especially now.

We had a 48 this weekend & I’ve spent the time working and sleeping. Some of the boys went to Regina others to Winnipeg but about eight of us stayed here.

I must close now & get some more work done.

Much Love,


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