Letter 20

Letter 20: March 22, 1941


Dear Mother,

Just crawled into bed to get my beauty sleep. We’ve been taking sights on the stars and planets since 5.45 – a solid 4½ hours of work. It only takes a short time to take the sights, but the plotting of the position lines to get a fix, and get your position. It is a good thing I wasn’t in all the places the position lines said I was. Some of the fixes were within a quarter of a mile but others were a good many miles away, while two hit it right on the button.

So far we’ve either had a lecture or had to take sights every night. The day here runs from 6.30 a.m. to all hours on clear nights or to about 9.30 on cloudy nights. If we’re on night flights we have to fly six hours or more if it’s a clear night or at least clear enough to be able to land when we get down through the overcast.

They turned the lights out on me last night so this is being continued Sunday night. We go to lectures at 7.30 tonight and do star recognition so there’s no telling what time we’ll get finished. At present I can get about six stars and most planets but there are about 60 more to learn, so it looks like a little grief ahead.

This station is pretty darned well equipped as far as amusements go, pool tables, curling rink, hockey rink, basketball, volleyball, badminton, theatre where they show darned fine shows, skis, skates, ping-pong etc. It pretty well has to be, as it is miles from anything. The only thing that puzzles us is when do we get time to use it.

Our instructor has a Scotty, about the cutest thing you could ever hope to see and about as knowing as they come. He made a wild dash at what turned out to be a shadow, last night when we were taking sights, when he found out what it was he came back and sat down with about the most dejected look you could ever expect to see.

Did I tell you I came fourth at Bombing and Gunnery, Sangster & I tied for that position. McCaul came ninth, Mickey 2nd & Schell 1st.

All for this time before they turn the lights out on me again.

Much Love,


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