Letter 2

Letter 2: November 17, 1940


Dear Mother,

Well the first week has gone and I’m still trying to stop my head from whirling. They sure are plenty generous with the work here.

We start our flying this coming Friday – 2½ hours Friday morning and the same Saturday morning. The other half of our Flight go Friday p.m. & Sat. p.m. There are 22 of us in a section and we go two per plane.

Believe it or not I’ve done 3½ hours work to-day and have quite a bit more to do to-night. The cause is extremely interesting but the work is so heavy that you don’t really get a chance to enjoy it. I see we have lectures posted for a couple of new subjects – we only had never before – They’ve now added Reconnaissance and A.A. (whatever that is).

Tuesday night a bunch of us are going to a banquet in the Kitchener Hotel. It is given by the Prov. of Quebec Association & we’re to be the guests of the association.

Tomorrow night three of us are going to look over the city of Regina for a while and do a little much needed shopping. We’ve been C.B. ever since we landed since we were on Duty Watch.

I was going to send Olive & her hubby a telegram of good wishes but since I didn’t know his last name I was out of luck – or they were, which ever you prefer.

Tell Bev that the weather out here is cold enough to freeze the chicken pox up so tight no one could possibly catch it.

I had a very nice letter from Mrs. McFauil giving me quite a bit of Lachute gossip etc. Helen didn’t get a job – due solely (?) to the fact that she lacked a High School Education. I’ll bet some people were glad to have an excuse like that for not hiring her.

I wrote Den and George and hope to get some of the real town gossip from them.

Before I forget will you please send my Aetna policy to: – Aetna Life Insurance Co., 414 St. James St. W. Montreal, Qc. so that they can make the necessary alterations.

George Richard wants me to send some Morse so he can practice reading it. It will also be good practice for me. He was one of the lads at St. Hubert. There are 4 of that bunch here besides myself three of us go around together pretty well all the time.

I must quit now & try the sending key.

Heaps of love,


P.S. I never saw that Sun Life letter before.


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