Letter 19

Letter 19: March 19, 1941


Dear Mother,

Well here we are finally established in the golden (?) west again. We arrived yesterday afternoon and were greeted with a typical blizzard.

It’s a nice school and well equipped, but right out on the bald prairie, with nothing to even begin to break the wind’s sweep.

Of course we started work this morning bright & early and will finish lectures at 9.30 or 10 tonight. They issue us with navigation watches here – $15 per and all our times must be correct to within one or at the most two seconds for our astral navigation. It makes it a bit awkward when you want the time as one watch is Greenwich Mean Line and the other on Central Standard.

The Wing Parade went off in fine style Saturday and we were all duly ‘winged’ and sent on our way rejoicing.

I called the Martin’s in Toronto and they both asked to be remembered to you. Mrs. Martin has had a series of misfortunes, bad colds, a couple of falls etc. but is feeling very much better now than she has for the past two or three months.

This course will be much the hardest of the lot, in the sense of the actual difficulty of the work, and also in view of the fact that it is so short.

We are supposed to get about ten days leave at the end of the course but if our flying hours are not all finished, we stay on until we finish them regardless of what it may do to our leave.

As soon as I can get my films developed I’ll send you a copy of the prints.

Give my love to all the family.

Much Love,


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