Letter 18

Letter 18: March 12, 1941


Dear Mother,

We arrived back quite O.K. just at 02:00 on Monday morning. The connections were slow enough all the way – about 5 minutes in Toronto and about the same in London. We should have been back about 01:45 but our train from Toronto was 45 minutes in London, but we made it out from St. Thomas in a hurry and got here on time.

We are to be Rivers bound on Sunday so I won’t be passing through Montreal this week end. I hope the west has warmed up a bit before we get back out there, it was certainly cold enough out there when we left six weeks ago.

The big moment on Saturday comes at 3 p.m. and after that I believe we attend a dinner downtown, and take off the next noon for the wide open spaces of the west – damn it.

This is being continued quite some time later – two days to be exact. They come for us to go off and do a gunnery exercise and every time I’ve started to write the rest of this, I’ve been interrupted. I hope to be able to finish this time.

The address for the next four weeks will be #1 A.N.S., R.C.A.F., Rivers, Man., much as I hate to say.

Yesterday I had to do another gunnery exercise and that winds me up here. You can tell Hugh that there’s one part of our training here that he would like – we have to do ‘Trap Shooting’ – yesterday was my good day 23 out of 25 birds. It gives us practice in aiming and allowing for the speed of an object crossing the line of sight or going away from us etc. In addition its great fun.

I believe we’ve finished all our exams now and are just about all set. Some of the boys are up doing one last bombing exercise – they hope.

The food was here waiting when we got back Sunday night and in very good condition and soon vanished. It was all very good and the shortbread certainly lived up to your expectations. It was about the best you ever made.

Must quit now & total my logbook up.

Much Love,


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