Letter 17

Letter 17: March 2, 1941


Dear Mother,

Believe it or not, I had today off. The first time I’ve had off since I hit this station. Last night Mickey & I went in to St. Thomas and had supper then came back here; today we slept in until 10:30 then went in to town for dinner and supper. You’ve no idea what a treat it was there is a pack of restaurants in St. Thomas & the food is grand. The food on the station is punk.

Yesterday was a tough one. I was off the ground at 6.55 and had half finished my first bombing exercise of the day before sunrise and when I landed from my last one of the day at 06:35 p.m. we had our navigation lights on.

I’m enclosing a picture from the Toronto Daily Star. That’s what we fly in. We do our gunnery from where the lad is standing and our bomb aiming from down in the belly of the ship between the two wheels where there’s an open hatch for the bomb sight. The engines are Rolls Royce Merlins. Both spots we occupy are breezy to put it mildly. That bracket under the wing is a practice bomb rack.

We’ve acquired a bugler recently, where he came from I don’t know, but he made himself hard for the first time the other day. He’s just finishing ‘Laps’ now, so it won’t be very long until ‘Lights Out’ comes along.

Our “Wings Parade” comes off on the 15th of this month and after that we’ll all be sergeant observers – I hope. By the way, if you feel you’d like to come I can arrange for a pass for you to get in. It’s a whale of a long trip though for that. We’ll be leaving here the next day for either Manitoba or New Brunswick, most probably Rivers, Man.

Must quit now as the lights are about to go out.

Heaps of Love,


P.S. Some good food would be deeply appreciated.

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