Letter 15

Letter 15: February 12, 1941


Dear Mother,

Many many thanks for the very acceptable money order which arrived today. I had forgotten that it was my birthday until I filled out my class forms at noon. Oddly enough I don’t feel a bit older.

We certainly got a sudden and sharp disillusionment when we landed here. We figured we would get in a bit easier here than at Regina, what a pipe dream that was! Our day’s work starts anytime between 6.30 & 7.45 every morning and we have to get up according to whether we have to start at 6.30, 7.00, 7.10 – tomorrow morning etc., and it lasts until 10 or later every night. Bombs & bombing, guns & gunnery; then guns & gunnery and bombs and bombing, every day, all day seven days a week. They aim to turn out the best bomb airmens and gunners in Canada and they sure do their best to accomplish their aim. By bed time we’re not atall anxious to stay up any longer.

You should see our bombing target. Its 30 feet square, and looks like a pin head from 6000’ feet and we have to average 30 yards at the very most in order to pass, and you’ve no idea how hard it is to put bombs down within 30 yards of a 30 foot square target from over a mile up. One bomb a little wild and your ground error shots way up past the allowed 30 yds.

We started gunnery practice on the ground range today with the machine guns & tomorrow we do some target practice from the air. Those things certainly do spit bullets plenty fast, we were using one today for one magazine full without the bag to catch the cartridge cases as they came out – those things flew out in a steady stream and covered the whole floor. They come out at about 1000 per minute and that’s plenty fast better than 15 every second.

As far as we can tell now Phyl and I hope to be married very quietly in Montreal about the middle of April, but we’re not sure of the date yet nor will we be for another month and a half yet.

I did get a letter off to the I.O.D.E. the other day so you can breathe that much easier.

Must close now as the lights are about to go out.

Very much love,


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