Letter 12

Letter 12: January 25, 1941



Dear Mother,

Eight thirty a.m. and inspection parade is over. We’re waiting now to take our drill test and that will be the last one. All our written exams are over thank goodness and we’re waiting for the results. The first four were the toughest most ambiguous exams it has ever been my misfortune to encounter, to be quite frank they were absolutely hellish; but the later ones were quite decent. Every paper covered the subject from beginning to end, and unless you knew it all pretty thoroughly you were sunk. We have had the results of four so far and they’re not so hot at all. So far the score is 75 in Meteorology, 62 in Photograph, 39 in Instruments and 30 in Signals – the latter two are out of 50. The Signals is marked in such a way that 25 is the equivalent of 90% which is the passing mark in Signals, you lose 5 for each letter wrong. I was petrified of that exam because it has been my bughear all along and we had been on the short end as far as practice goes for the past four weeks.

We leave for Fingal, Ont., on Friday next unless something very radical occurs to alter the orders they’ve got for us. If I can get a 48 there I can make it to Montreal arriving there Saturday a.m. at 7 and leaving Sunday afternoon to go back.

The past two weeks have been one blizzard after another and to-day its 33 below with a terrific wind blowing. Its as much as your life is worth to even stick your nose outdoors to-day as a couple of hundred feet is enough to freeze an ear or your nose, and they go so fast you get no warning or anything else, one minute everything is O.K. the next you have a lovely frozen ear or nose.

That’s a crime that our church was burned. What on earth ever started the fire. It will never be built up as it was before.

Oddly enough I received a letter from Auntie Bell the day after I wrote you, and a parcel the next day. I still maintain that she was the one who owed me a letter. At any rate I’m writing her this weekend, so we’ll be all even again.

I’ve just been interrupted for my drill test. I got it O.K. and now I’m off for the day now – here’s where I catch up on my letters, and sleep mostly the latter.

Give my love to the family & tell Barb I’m still looking for that letter.

Heaps of love,


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