Letter 11

Letter 11: January 17, 1941


Dear Mother,

Here comes that letter later than expected. They’ve kept us in the air or the classroom all the time lately. Lectures 8-12, 1.15-5.30 and 7-9, when were not upstairs. So far this week we’ve had bad weather most of the time but the last three days we’ve averaged about five hours a day in the air.

I managed to get a letter scrawled to Phyl yesterday on the way to Prince Albert. We were above the clouds and I didn’t have very much to do and managed to write a few lines on a sheet out of my note-book. To-day I didn’t have any spare time and it was cold as blazes, -20. I thought my poor fingers would drop off.

Phyl and I had talked it all over both ways and from pretty well every side before we decided to get married. There’s a lot for and against it, but we decided for it. I don’t know whether we’re right or wrong myself, in one sense, but it has the most for it.

Have you heard from Auntie Belle lately? I haven’t had a word from her for over two months and she owes me a letter. I was beginning to wonder if they had been raided and the place wiped out.

Well our exams start on Monday. Heaven help me but there’s a ghastly amount of work to be done before then. We’re all expecting some brutes this time too, as they’re getting tougher with each course. Anyway, next week at this time, they should be all over with.

The Signals is going to be the toughest of the lot. The Aldis light is extremely hard to read, the dots & dashes aren’t any too distinct on it.

Must close now and get back to work, and see if I can learn something.

Heaps of love,


This barracks is about 32 to-night, its usually nearer 80.

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