Letter 10

Letter 10: January 10, 1941



Dear Mother,

This is just a note to let you know I’m still alive and ask how you are coming along after your grippe.

I’m due to take off in half an hour for a little jaunt of 200 miles to-night. We should be back about 10 and will probably take off again about 11 for another jaunt of about the same length, so I should get to bed about two o’clock if were not delayed anywhere. They keep us in the air as much as possibly night and day now since we’ve had such bad flying weather up to this week. I’ve been up two days & three nights so far this week. We fly to-night, to-morrow afternoon, Sunday morning and Sunday night – lectures Sunday afternoon. So far this week we’ve had one free night – nice going eh?

I managed an 85 in Compasses in our last test & 74 in our final maths, also 80 in our D.R. Plotting test. I’m afraid the Signals exam is going to get me, we’ve had so little chance to practice & need it terribly.

I’m so far behind with my correspondence that I’m ashamed of myself but I simply haven’t got time to write many letters, as it is hard enough to find time to sleep.

I’ve got to go get into my flying suit as I have to draw my chute fifteen minutes before takeoff.

Give my love to everybody.

Heaps of love,


Will try to write a decent letter as soon as I can.


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