Letter 1

Letter 1: November 14, 1940


L.A.C. Pibus, H.H.

# R56-309,

# 3 A.O.S.,


Regina, Sask.

Dear Mother,

We arrived here right side up with care Sunday night at 5:55 M.S.T. and were brought out here to the aerodrome in an open truck – 2 miles and it was only 10º below zero. To-day is the first day since we arrived that the thermometer has managed to struggle up to zero.

I thought that they worked us pretty hard at #1 I.L.S., that was a recreation period compared to this. Six hours of lectures every day and what lectures. Right off the bat in the morning we have a two hour lecture in Dead Reckoning (Navigation) after that came Maps, Trig, Instruments, Compasses, Meteorology, Aerial Photography, etc. all of them plenty stiff subjects.

We use Aero Anson reconnaissance bombers for our flying work. They’re English ships and pretty good ones. All the glass had to be taken out and special glass put in because it was so cold “upstairs” that the glass cracked and the slipstream blew the panes out. You can imagine how warm it would be, sliding along at 130 m.p.h. at 50º below, with the glass blown out of the windows.

Such flat country! It is like the proverbial pancake & trees are scarcer than hen’s teeth. What a sweep the wind gets here it would lift the hair right off your head here.

We’re stuck here for 3 months and will probably finish all our training in the West. There are two or three bombing and gunnery schools out here and the advanced navigation school is out here at Rivers I believe.

The quarters here are good and the food excellent. The water however is so hard that unless you use “hard water” soap you can’t begin to raise a lather. Even then you can’t seem to get really clean no matter how hard you scrub. The soap seems only to leave a soapy film that doesn’t budge the dirt in the least.

I dropped Uncle Willy a line and if possible I’m going to drop myself in on them some week end when I get a 48 hour pass. I don’t think they would mind but I guess I’d better wait until I get an invitation. You’d better come out and visit them for Xmas, I think I get 4 days then, no more.

I started this letter this morning before classes and am now continuing after classes this afternoon. We’re just finished Trig and I’ve got a chart done to Scale for to-morrow, so I’ll add a few more lines before I hike off to eat.

We received our introduction to Wireless Telegraphy this afternoon and our lecture in parachutes. I imagine we’ll start our flying next week sometime.

Must close now and eat,

Heaps of love,


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