Mission Statement

The Brome County Historical Society’s aim is to acquire, preserve, research, exhibit, interpret, and publish items of historical interest encompassing all of the historic Brome County and its sites. With this intent, the Brome County Historical Society provides the infrastructure and programmes to deliver the learning experiences needed to educate present and future generations about the life and culture of prior generations.


The government of the Society and the preservation, care and management of its property is vested in the Board of Directors, which consists of thirteen (13) members of the Society elected from the membership at large. Directors are elected at the Society’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

At least one month prior to the Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors appoints a Nominating Committee composed of the Immediate Past President or, as necessary, a prior Past President or prior Director, and two current Members at large. This committee is responsible for nominating candidates for the Board of Directors to be elected at the annual meeting, with provision for nominations from the floor to be maintained, and must report its recommendations to the President of the Society not less than five (5) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

Directors serve two (2) year terms renewable, by election, for two (2) additional consecutive terms. Following three (3) consecutive terms, such a director is ineligible for one (1) year to sit as a Director. If a Director is unable or unwilling to complete a term, the Board may appoint a replacement to serve the remainder of that term.

For more information or to read the BCHS Bylaws in their entirety, please click here: BCHS Bylaws (PDF).


Arlene Royea, Managing Director and Archivist

Jeremy Reeves, Curator

Abbey Lacroix, Archivist

Current Board of Directors 2018 / 2019

Peter G. White, President

J. Armand Gaudet, Secretary

Donald Gray-Donald

Chris Marks

Richard Santo

Jack Walker

Adèle Hébert

Allan A. Mass

Patrick Lacroix

Gillian Eastley

Alison Kearns

Past Presidents of the Brome County Historical Society

1897 – 1910:            Hon. Judge W. W. Lynch

1910 – 1928:            H. Sewell Foster

1928 – 1933:            Hiram S. Foster Jr.

1933 – 1952:            Homer A. Mitchell

1952 – 1953:            A. J. B. Milborne

1953 – 1959:            Homer A. Mitchell

1959 – 1965:            Harry B. Shufelt

1965 – 1966:            R. E. Fisher

1966 – 1968:            Glendon Pettes Brown

1968 – 1970:            Homer M. Blackwood

1970 – 1971:            Lt. Col. Ian McDougall

1971 – 1980:            Marcel R. Dufresne

1980 – 1981:            Leon J. Darrah

1981 – 1983:            Edmund J. O. Eberdt

1983 – 1986:            Rhoda Northrup

1986 – 1988:            Walter Stairs

1988 – 1990:            Louise Oliver

1990 – 1994:            Peter Downman

1994 – 1997:            Richard M. Eldridge

1997 – 2000:            David Dawes

2000 – 2003:            Gail Gibbs

2003 – 2007:            Kirk Lawrence

2007 – 2009:            John Rhicard

2009 – 2012:            David Dawes

2012 – 2013:            Diana Timmins

2013 – 2018:            Donald Gray-Donald

2018 –                        Peter G. White