Lecture Series


The 18th annual Jimmy Manson Lectures, a series of six talks, are now renamed the Marion L. Phelps Memorial Lectures. We appreciate Mr. Manson’s enthusiasm and knowledge and look forward to his stimulating talks on the following themes this winter:

1 p.m. at 15 St Paul, the Old County Courthouse, in Knowlton. Thank-you for donations received at the door.


Part One: Tragedy and “Treason” – Themes in Eastern Townships History, 1891 – 1939

Jan. 06 –The Silent Enemy: The Spanish Flu Epidemic in the Eastern Townships, 1918 – 1920

Jan. 20 – Canada’s Destiny: The General Election of 1891 from an Eastern Townships’ Perspective

Jan. 27 – The Two Solitudes: The Different Experiences of English and French residents of Drummondville during the Great Depression


Part Two: The Role Played by Prominent British Officials in the Early Settlement History of the Eastern Townships

Feb. 10 – A Double Anomaly: Thomas Dunn, Gabriel Christie, and Sir Henry Caldwell, the English Seigneurs of Missisquoi Bay

Feb. 17 – A Hard Sell: A.C. Buchanan’s attempt to persuade British emigrants to settle in the Eastern Townships, 1827 – 1834

Feb. 24 – Freedom of the Press, Denied: The Silas Dickerson, Judge John Fletcher Dispute, 1826 – 1836.