Mission Statement:

The Brome County Historical Society’s aim is to acquire, preserve, research, exhibit, interpret, and publish items of historical interest encompassing all of the historic Brome County and its sites. With this intent, the Brome County Historical Society provides the infrastructure and programmes to deliver the learning experiences needed to educate present and future generations about the life and culture of prior generations.


It began at a picnic on August 18, 1897, on a farm in West Brome, Quebec. The event was the centenary of the first land grant made in Brome Township. The outcome was the Brome County Historical Society, which was incorporated on March 9, 1898, and has since worked diligently to preserve the past for future generations.

Today, the BCHS owns and maintains a number of heritage buildings, which welcome individuals, families and groups. Our extensive Archives delight history buffs and impress the most serious scholars, and our Museum educates and entertains, with displays of artifacts once used by the early people of Brome County. Our new Children’s Museum enables families and young visitors to explore life in 19th century Brome County with interactive exhibits and activities.

We invite you to journey back to the 19th century and still younger days of this historic region.

Links of interest

Museums and Affiliations

  • Compton County Historical Museum Society
  • Lennoxville-Ascot Historical & Museum Society
  • Missisquoi Historical Society
  • The Eastern Townships Resource Centre
  • The Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network

Thank you to our Members and our Supporters!

  • Town of Brome Lake
  • Belanger Gardner Foundation
  • CLD Brome-Missisquoi
  • Club Optimiste Lac Brome Inc.
  • Lions Club
  • MRC Brome-Missisquoi
  • MRC Brome-Missisquoi Pacte Rural
  • Narcissa Farrand Trust Fund
  • Royal Canadian Legion Branch 23
  • Townshippers Research & Cultural Foundation